“Oceanpack” uses the most modern equipment at its plant from global brands, which allows to produce products with minimal cost and high quality. All products are certified and fully comply with its functions.

High performance is achieved through an automated process, and high-qualified specialists.

The park is equipped with production facilities, such as:

  • Rotogravure. (Gravure)
  • Flexographic Printing Machine
  • Laminator
  • Bobinocutting machine
  • Package Wicket Machine
  • Packet-sealing machine

Blow Extruder LDPE and HDPE

ротогравюраRotogravure. (Gravure)

флексомашинаFlexographic Printing Machine


бабинорезкаBobinocutting machine

пакетопаечный викет станокPackage Wicket Machine

пакетосварочный станокPacket-sealing machine

Без имени-1Blow Extruder LDPE and HDPE

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